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Suga Buba Body Butter
Shimmering body butter
with white truffle
Suga Buba Body Glow
Shimmering Body Glow
with 24K Gold
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0% paraben, sulfate and silicone

Special formulas with designer fragrances

Shimmering body butter with white truffle

Show off your glamorous skin

Shimmering Body Glow with 24K gold

Sparkle and shine with SugaBuba

What they say

They choose Suga Buba

Zlatka Dimitrova

“I love the glam look and the feeling that all the attention is on me and I absolutely have it. But with a pinch of Sugabuba shimmering body glow I’m feeling more confident than ever. Strongly recommend!”

Cveti Vasileva

“SugaBuba gives me the shine and the delicate scent that makes me feel irresistible. I adore the fine-scent shiny particles that give a glamour to every outfit.”

Julia Yourevich

“The SugaBuba products became part of my everyday routine. I’m using the shimmering butter during my busy day and don’t miss to add the golden glow to my legs anytime I’m preparing for going out in the evening. Absolutely adorable!”

Svetlana Gushterova

“I do not just love my body, I adore it. That is why I’m giving my skin only the best. The 24K glow and the white truffle butter of SugaBuba are a favorite part of my beauty routine. When I am using them, they bring me this special sparkle of glam, that every woman needs.”

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Show off your glamorous skin

Brand philosophy

Our brand philosophy is to produce and distribute 100% vegan-friendly, innovative, and luxury cosmetic products on the borderline between body makeup and skincare with 0% parabens, silicones, and sulfates.
We are forever against animal testing.

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