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What is the difference between

regular face masks and #BIOGlam?

1. Many of the common masks contain Methylisothiazolinone (MIT). Studies show that it contains neurotoxic properties that are harmful to users. This ingredient can damage brain cells, increase the risk of seizures and vision problems.

2. Tricolose is a very common chemical ingredient in common face masks. It works well at killing bacteria, and that's actually the problem. Not all bacteria are harmful, and in addition, some experts suggest that the widespread chemical can also give rise to fungi. Also acts as a hormone and thyroid disruptor. Therefore, #BIOGlam does not use trichlose and Methylisothiazolinone (MIT) in its products.
What is the difference between

regular deodorant sticks and #BIOGlam?

1. Almost all common antiperspirants that are not natural contain aluminum chloride or aluminum zirconium chloride. It acts as a stopper and blocks sweating, but part of the chemical composition of the product easily penetrates through the channel of the sweat gland into the human body. Our products do not contain these or similar ingredients.

2. Unfortunately, the inflammation they can cause can spread beyond the areas where they are applied. In addition to discomfort such as painful heating, many studies indicate that aluminum compounds may be linked to elevated aluminum levels and a number of health problems, including breast cancer and Alzheimer's.